Finding Heroes

With all the superhero/comic book casting news that has been made recently, there has been quite a bit of excitement and skepticism and complaints. There have been the castings that have been absolutely can’t miss with Ryan Reynolds returning to put the mouth to the Merc with a Mouth in a feature length dead pool movie. There are castings that seem pretty solid and potentially great with Benedict Cumberbatch portraying the live action version of Dr. Strange. There are those with mixed reviews with The Cast of Warner Bros/DC Comics Suicide Squad. I think the casting is pretty solid. I’m not sold on Will Smith as DeadShot but I like the idea of the other actors Leto as The Joker and Hardy as Rick Flagg. Marvel has also cast their stars for Netflix series with Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. Then you have the WTF castings like Ezra Miller as the Flash. Now Im not disappointed by the Ezra Miller casting because he’s gay or a bad actor. I just truly don’t think he fits the character. Although I don’t know which version of the Flash they are going with since there are 4 characters with extensive stints as the Flash. I just feel they should go Barry Allen, although my favorite and the one I grew up with was Wally West. Ezra Miller doesnt look anything like the Barry Allen in the comics. To be fair neither does Grant Gustin, who plays the character on TVs “The Flash”.

With all of the commotion about castings and more and more superhero movies being made, I figured I’d share a few thoughts and do my own castings. So in the inevitable battle that always comes up when talking about comics I will give quick opinion of DC vs Marvel. I have to say I have loved Marvels castings for their Cinematic Universe. I have always been more of a DC fan over Marvel, although I love both. To be fair I blame Warner Brothers more than DC. Marvel has its own studios to do their movies while DC has parent company WB doing theirs. So WB is not as focused on comic book fandom or History while Marvel Studios is very well rooted in it. WB is trying too hard to do “out of the box” and sort of eclectic casting. Its okay but sometimes the reasons we get so excited for these movie is because we have read and seen these characters for years and dreamed of seeing them in live action and how they would look and move in the genre and to change that can kind of give a disconnect. It feels as if we will still be waiting to see these characters.

So far I have been disappointed in the casting of my favorite Superhero team. “The Justice League” (Sorry Avengers). I love the Justice League. Batman and the Flash and Green Lantern. I have been waiting for the live action realization of these heroes since I was a child. While I will have to live with someone else’s vision for now. I can still imagine how I would have loved to have seen it look. So I will share my casting thoughts on this post. I will also share what would have been my story for the Batman Superman Team up and on into a shared DC universe in future posts.  So without further ado… I present to you…

Justice_League_of_America_Vol_3_logoJustice League



The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

I know everyone was probably expecting Superman up first but I went the Dark Knight first BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN! Now I loved the Nolan Trilogy and loved Christian Bale. But When they decided to end the franchise and not link it to a shared universe, I conceded that it was right as Nolan’s world didn’t fit with a Justice league. So I thought my next choice would be Karl Urban. I think Urban is a pretty good actor and he can play the tough, no nonsense and terrifying characteristics of Batman. Hell the movie “Dredd” might as well had been an audition tape for Batman. He can also pull off the charming and playboy characteristics of Bruce Wayne. I think he would have made the perfect Batman for the shared universe. I hate the idea of Batfleck when first announced and Im still not warm and fuzzy about it. I think Affleck can do a good Bruce Wayne but Im not sold on The Dark Knight.


The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel

I actually liked Cavill as Superman. The movie had its issues but I thought Cavill fit the role. I would loosen up the hair a bit but other than that visual he looked like Superman. I like that he was in a fit and ripped shape. He also had that charm of a boy scout mixed with trying to balance out the strength of a god. I would keep him in the role. Now we didn’t get to see much of his mild mannered Clumsy Kent side but I think he’s earned the role.


The Amazon Princess.

The Amazon Princess

One of the first things I think Wonder Woman has to be, is undoubtedly beautiful. She also has to look like someone that is tough and can take on the world. I think Gemma is both of those. She is gorgeous and has a history of playing tough “woman of action” characters as seen in Prince of Persia and Hansel and Gretel. She is only 5’7″ and I think ideally that Wonder Woman is taller but thats an easy fix. She also looks of a more solid build than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is also Princess and she will need someone that can bring that regalness to her. Gemma’s role in Clash of the Titans was good enough to sell me on her abilities there.


The Alien Atlas

The Alien Atlas

J’onn J’onzz AKA The Martian Manhunter. I think its just wrong to have a Justice League movie without him. He was a founding member and has always been at the center of the team. He is the heart of the league. You need an actor with range. You need an actor that can appear opposing and intimidating but have that soft heart. Hounsou has been around the acting block and played heroes and villains alike. He has had dramatic turns in Amistad and done action. He has shown he can be the warrior in movies like Gladiator and the Mentor/voice of reason in Never Back Down.


The Emerald Knight

The Emerald Knight

Now I know almost everyone if not everyone hated the Green Lantern movie. And to be honest there was a lot to hate. BUT Ryan Reynolds was not one of them. Hal Jordan was always meant to be the cocky, brash Flyboy. Ryan Reynolds plays that role in his sleep. He’s a mix of goofball and dedicated worker. Ryan Reynolds has had plenty of Action and superhero experience. He can do the Hal Jordan wit and the Green Lantern Space Cop. I thought he deserved another chance at Green Lantern with a better script and better production.


The Fastest Man Alive

The Fastest Man Alive

So this is one of my favorite castings. The Flash is one of my favorite heroes. I decided to go with a Barry Allen version of the Flash. I originally wanted to always do a Wally West Flash movie, but with DC bringing back Barry Allen and his buddy Hal Jordan being a member of the team I decided Barry was the way to go. I picked Kellan because not only does he look the part of The Flash(No disrespect Grant Gustin) … He can capture that personality. He has that solid exterior. He can play that fast paced hurried/hyper personality The Flash has with a bit of stoicism as well. He has the comedy and adventurous personality as seen in Twilight Movies. He’s also been more involved in Action lately with The Expendables and Hercules. Also how awesome would the comic relief be in the Bro moments with with Ryan and Kellan playing Hal and Barry? Cant you just imagine all the funny exchanges between them?


The Crimefighter of Thanagar

The Crimefighter of Thanagar

I was torn I wanted to add another woman to my team and thought about adding founding member Black Canary to the list but Ultimately went with Hawkwoman. Hawkwoman is a strong female Character. She’s tough and authoritative with being a cop from another planet. I think Jessica fits the bill of looking the part and has the acting chops to pull it off. She was great in Zero Dark Thirty and The Debt. Im a huge fan of hers.


The Robotman

The Robotman

Cyborg after the New 52 reboot in the comics is now a founding member of the Justice League. I like the character and its nice to bring some “color” into the fold. I think I needed an actor that was young and could help give Cyborg that heart and the man trapped in Cybernetics but making the most of it feeling. Michael is a young actor that has been acting for a while but is just now starting to blow up. He’s fresh off an academy award nomination and has played various characters. Come to find out after I had already put this list together, he has already played Cyborg. So he has experience there. He’s playing the Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four and he’s also played a young kid with powers thrust upon him in Chronicle. All of this leads me to believe he’d be perfect for the role.


This was the pick I was least confident about. I wasn’t sure if Charlie was a great fit for this role but I would give him the chance. It would be departure from his character Jackson Teller slightly. Aquaman has to be this regal sort of “above it all” personality. I think Hunnam has the chops to pull it off. He has the look I think he is someone that could hold his own vs the likes of a Batman or Superman. My original actor I think would be great actually plays another Hero. I think Chris Hemsworth would be my first choice for this role but You cant have Thor play Aquaman.


So that would be my Justice League. I think this cast would bring the best to each of their Characters and I thought about cohesiveness between the characters. I think these actors could mesh well and build the relationships needed to carry the film.  I will cast some villains in later posts as well as give my ideas for building the DC cinematic Universe. Let me know what you all think.




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